Meet Our Staff

Here at Little Tommy's we realise that it's important to offer a wide variety of activities to encourage children to explore, learn & grow:, these range from:

Arts & Crafts - (Providing lots to bring home & show off!)

Nature studies & excursions

Onsite allotment & grow your own

Nutrition & healthy eating - (With hands on experience for children!)

Singing & Dance activities

Sport, Physical Education & Outside play

Introduction to letters & writing

Introduction to numbers & numeracy

Computer + I.T. skills

Safety awareness

ECO Warriors - (Eco Schools program)

Sensory garden (open spring 2015)

Little Tommy;s realise the importance of building a trusting, confident relationship with parents and carers from the very first day. Stay up-to-date with the latest newsletters emailed directly to you monthly. 

Recycling: Little Tommy's Childcare take pride in recycling and re-using materials wherever possible. All nursery children are encouraged and praised to recycle and are taught and shown the reasons for this. Parents are encouraged to participate and set a positive example.

"ECO warriors" have recently been founded to encourage children to approach recycling positively & experience producing useful items from their hard work. We are currently working towards gaining our "Eco Schools" flag.